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Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Looking for staffing solutions? Let us be your answer.

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              When it comes to resolving staffing challenges, Nebraska Care understands your needs. Our employees are held to the highest standards of quality. You can count on Nebraska Care to provide healthcare professionals that are caring, dependable and fully qualified.  Whether you are seeking day-to-day, weekly or monthly operational needs we are able to assist you.  Our nursing professionals- RNs, LPNs, MAs, and CNAs live within your area and remain flexible for that last minute request. 


                    When you choose Nebraska Care for staffing solutions; we are able to assess the qualified professional that suits your needs.  With a large network of high quality professionals state-wide, we are able to provide you medical staffing solutions efficiently and maintain competitive prices to achieve your staffing criteria.   Our team of specialized Account Managers, Recruiters and our Service Representatives; are able to use a customized scheduling tool that conducts a search of qualified candidates specific to your area.  We match your needs with our employee’s availability, compatibility, job performance and job knowledge.

Nebraska Care understands that staffing changes can vary day-to-day.  We allow you to customize your need to achieve the best staffing solution.   By choosing our staffing solutions; you not only benefit from the scheduling aspect; but as well as the cost of hiring employees.  With our services, it includes the following:

  • Skills review checklist

  • Abuse in-service

  • Patient rights in-service

  • Payroll liability taxes-   state and Federal payroll taxes.

  • State Unemployment- Nebraska Department of Labor

  • Workman’s Compensation

  • Professional Liability

  • General Liability

  • Work place policies including Code of Conduct- Employee Expectations, Patient Confidentiality and etc.

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Recruiting and advertising for qualified professionals

  • Interviewing and Application process

  • Police background checks

  • Drug Screen

  • Professional character reference checks

  • License and Certification Verification

  • Educational history

  • Employment history

  • Medical Questionnaire

  • Tuberculosis/ Hepatitis testing

  • CPR verification

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